The Chimp Paradox- Research Recruitment for doctors

I’ve been sent information on a very cool study at Sheffield University which I’m excited to share with my medic patients/colleagues.

Prof Steve Peters’ fabulous Chimp Paradox programme has been shown to help reduce burnout and improve mental wellbeing. The course has been delivered extensively to executives and private sector companies, to help with performance optimisation in and out of work. These companies and individuals pay top dollar to take the course. Now, the research team are recruiting for a study where the Chimp Paradox course will be delivered free to doctors.

Any doctor can sign up. There are 180 places available on the 8 week course. It starts in November and is virtual delivery. Did I mention that it is free?

Heard enough? To take part SIGN UP HERE


This is a link to the The Chimp Paradox: Mind Management book by Prof Steve Peters.

There is a version specifically for children which is great for all kids, but I’ve found especially useful in practice for children with ADHD/ASD: My Hidden Chimp

If you have some Practice or Departmental study budget left, you may wish to add this bundle to your library of CPD resources: Chimp Paradox 3 Book Collection.

The team recently published an RCT on burnout in nurses in the Journal of Mental Health. This study is run by the same research team. The full article is here (open access publication weblink).

The research team are hopeful that, by gathering evidence of benefit to medics, they will be able to secure further funding to role out the course to NHS institutions to help more doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.
Attached are the HRA and Ethical Approval Letters. Doctors can sign up straight away - they will all receive a copy of A Path Through the Jungle as an ebook for the programme.

Please feel free to share this information with as many doctors as you wish. Ideally they are keen for ED, GPs and psychiatrists, but any patient-facing doctor can sign up.


Occupational burnout is known to affect many healthcare staff, adversely impacting their job satisfaction, job performance, relationships at work, general health and wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a major increase in stressful conditions and pressures that exacerbate occupational burnout. Improving the wellbeing of doctors is therefore an urgent priority for the NHS.

You are receiving this email because we would like to invite you to take part in a study that is offering access to online interventions designed to improve doctors’ wellbeing. The study is aimed at doctors who have contact with patients as part of their role. Participation is entirely voluntary. You can find out more about this study by clicking on the weblink copied below, which contains information about the study and also instructions on how you can sign up.


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